Welcome to the Iconic Items Auction for Elephants!

Below, you'll find a number of items to bid on. The process is easy: simply click on the item you're interested in, fill in the form in the popup, agree to Terms & Conditions, and click submit.

You'll receive an e-mail that confirms your bid for your records. If you are the winner of the auction for that item, a member of the GabbyWild team will get in contact with you to arrange for proper payment, shipping & handling of your goods.

Large Hug-A-Planet Toy and autographed Elephant Banner: $96.00
Pamper Me Wild Package: $96.00
Handmade Festive Elephant Necklace: $20.96
NOVICA Gold Necklace: $96.00
Crossfit Blackbox Gift Certificate: $96.00
Prism Necklaces: $20.96
Baby Elephant: $96.00
4 days,3 nights at Orca Camp/Sea Kayaking Trip: $96.00
Maple Tree Adoption Package: $96.00
Clutch & Wristlet by The Family Jewels: $96.00
Mysterious Island: $96.00
Allison Parris Eco-Friendly Dress: $96.00
Alex & Ani Bracelet : $20.96
Organic Alpaca Couture: $96.00
NOVICA Silver Bracelet: $96.00
Story Book and Doll inspired by Elephantasia: $96.00
Tree Collage Necklace: $96.00
Betty Holland Tribal Necklace: $96.00
Leopard Dress by Kimmi Designs: $96.00
Dinner with Gabby Wild!: $96.00
Elephant Wall Decor: $96.00

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