The Gabby Wild Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3) was formed in the loving memory of Khun Chai by sustainable fashion supermodel and Cornell University veterinary student, Gabby Wild. Khun Chai, a baby Asian elephant from Thailand, was stolen from his mother in the jungle and found himself rescued at an elephant hospital. Orphaned and lonely, Khun Chai was suffering from rickets, a disease of calcium insufficiency or malabsorption causing malformed bones. When Gabby arrived for work at the hospital, they developed an uncanny "love-at-first-sight" bond and under her care his rickets began to improve.

Unfortunately, after Gabby returned to the United States to continue her undergraduate education at Cornell University, Khun Chai, depressed and lonely, refused to eat. Due to a combination of malnutrition concurrent with rickets, he broke both of his hindlegs and soon thereafter passed on.

Heartbroken, Gabby founded this charity when she was 21 years old, partnering with organizations internationally in an effort to have not only all conservationists join forces together but to also have people of all races, interests, and backgrounds unite in the fight to save threatened wildlife.

Inspired by the stories and passion of others, Gabby made the foundation a forum for people everywhere to contribute in the best way they can to ending animal extinction.