Meet Gabby Wild

Gabby Wild

Founder/Animal Activist

I'm not the voice for the animals, as some can really be quite loud. Rather I'm just their interpreter, translating their messages into human tongue.

Gabby Wild is a thrill-driven, wind-blown, aspiring veterinarian. She has traveled on four different continents in pursuit of aiding animals of any kind. This passion for animals started when she was four-years-old after saving bunnies and birds in her backyard and after watching "The Lion King". The "childish" fascination grew into an uncontrollable passion. But what turned Gabby "wild" was her baby elephant, Khun Chai, who unfortunately was stolen from his mother in the wild of Thailand. She spent time trying to nurse him back to health and was having unbelievable success. But after returning back to Cornell University, his health decayed, and he passed away. She was distraught by his death because had he not been taken from the wild, he would still be alive today. From this experience, Gabby Wild set out on her mission to protect and save animals, small or large, in the clinic and on the field, through veterinary medicine and animal activism.

Gabby received her Bachelor of Science as a double major in Animal Science and Biology at Cornell University, and she is a currently a veterinary student at The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University.

When not in the wild, Gabby is in the lab conducting molecular research ranging in topics from canine eye ulcers, dendritic vesicle trafficking, and prion protein glycosylation & drug treatment. Her most current research involved purifying a metalloprotease from a pathogenic bacterium, Listeria monocytogenes. The bacteria is infamous for causing listeriosis, which, according to the Center of Disease Control, has a mortality rate of 20%- the highest of any foodborne disease, though the incidence of infection is low. By purifying this protein, she sought to better understand the mechanisms that regulate virulence factors, which may then lead to the development of treatments for bacterial infections, as metalloproteases are frequently associated with bacterial virulence.

This up-and-coming veterinarian is fervently involved in animal rights/welfare work. Ride the waves, surf the sands, gallop beside her horses, enjoy the camel rides, soar the skies, elephant trek across mountains, and Range Rover bounce to the rough terrain of the beautiful earth in pursuit of supporting animals with Gabby Wild.

Enjoy the adventures and stay wild!