Photo Courtesy of Robin D Moore


With nearly 1/2 of all amphibians at risk of extinction, together conservation science and a little Hollywood magic may just be the trick they need to save them.

Saving frogs from extinction just got "ribbitingly" sexy. Academy and Emmy Award-winning Special FX makeup artist, Brian Sipe, and Emmy Award-winning makeup artist, Jennifer Aspinall, transformed Gabby Wild, an internationally acclaimed conservationist, charity founder, and veterinary student, into a seductive collection of the world's most stunning amphibians. Dr. Robin Moore, a commended National Geographic photographer, author of Search of the Lost Frogs, and Program Officer for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature SSC Amphibian Specialist Group captured each of the makeovers in order to compile a moving and inspiring collection of photographs intended to raise funds and awareness to the plight of amphibians.

Together this unusual team, epitomizing the intersection between art and science, titled this visual initiative for threatened amphibians Metamorphosis. Sipe describes the creations as "high couture fashion meets Julie Taymor meets what would Lady Gaga do if she were a frog?" Under the whimsical art direction of Jennifer Aspinall, Wild's transformation into each of the artfully crafted amphibians each took between two to six hours to create despite a makeup and hair team of five Hollywood professionals. Once transformed, Wild modeled alongside the live amphibians, eliciting a series of poses to evoke symbolic messages specific for each species of frog represented.

In fact, 1/3rd of all amphibians are at risk of extinction mainly due to habitat destruction, disease and climate change, causing groups such as Conservation International, The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, The Smithsonian Institute, and Amphibian Survival Alliance to unitedly support this unique project.

Funds raised will go to amphibian conservation and research projects internationally.