Meet the councilmen and women of our charity that make our wildlife conservation happen! Despite being a global group with varied occupational backgrounds, we meet monthly to review project submissions and current conservation projects. We also work individually to keep projects running.

Carolina Fernandez

When I behold the beauty of the earth,
Its mountains, lakes and oceans,
The brilliance of the sky,
The stars;
The beauty of man and of every creature large and small,
The orderly harmony and connectedness of all things,
My heart enlarges and my spirit soars.
Oh! The inextricable pull of the beauty of the earth!

Carolina Fernandez, is an Author, Artist, and Arts Advocate whose life work occurs at the intersection of "creativity and..."

Ron Riddle

Listening to Nature:
It is though nature that I have developed a deep understanding of music, and it is through music that I have developed a deep understanding of nature! The two are inseparable in my life. Anyone who has entered into the majesty of a forest and deeply listened, knows the supreme importance of protecting the nature & wildlife of our world. Taking sanctuary and "deeply listening" in these "cathedrals of nature" I have been blessed by knowing my own godliness & spirituality.

Ron Riddle's diverse and eclectic musical career has spanned over 4 decades and includes playing drums in the heavy metal band Blue Oyster Cult to the writing of over four hundred scores for national and worldwide broadcast. He has worked in collaboration with producers and filmmakers from CBS, Discovery, Turner, CNN, A&E,Animal Planet, Disney, National Geographic, The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, Audubon and Discovery Health.

photo of Jimmy

Jimmy Lam

I find that animals have helped me find inner peace and kindness, both swept away by the constant bustle of modern life.

Jimmy gathered a great deal of international experience while a student at Cornell, including summer internships for ProWorld in Peru and Brazil and attending a three week bioethics conference in Bangkok, Thailand where he also shadowed physicians at the Yanhee International Hospital for Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery.

photo of Lindsey

Lindsey Matheson

Life, in all its many and glorious forms, is to be valued and respected.

Dr Matheson is a physician with a proven track record as an entrepreneur with business building abilities.

photo of Sophie

Sophie Gaze

In order to truly appreciate the ocean's wonder you must immerse yourself below her surface and engage in the world below.

Sophie Gaze grew up with wanderlust instilled in her from a very young age. She was born in a small coastal town called Margate, England, but moved across the Atlantic to south Florida when she was about two. Having never lived more than fifteen minutes from the coast, Sophie's passion for the ocean was instilled within her quite early in life. During Sophie's elementary years through her high school graduation, her family was fortunate enough to travel throughout the Caribbean and Europe jumping from beach to beach and diving into whatever body of water they could find. Sophie would always be found with a mask and snorkel on her face and fins on her feet, face down in the water wherever the family ended up traveling to - even if it was just a swimming pool! This love for the ocean steered Sophie to become scuba certified when she was sixteen and her career as a fish began!

photo of Sharon

Sharon Liu

Free your spirit, save a soul
if not you, then who to better the world?

Sharon Liu was made in Taiwan and grown in California. She graduated from UC Berkeley as an Integrative Biology major and elf. Prior to veterinary school at Cornell, she was interested in saving the world. Currently, she is excited about international food, fiber, and fuel security in conservation medicine. Sharon is fond of cooking for large numbers of vegans and serenading folks of her fancy. She can wiggle her ears, but only the left one individually. She likes baby elephant seals and dislikes getting seasick. Relevant nicknames she responds to include Squid and Shark.

photo of Sharon

Marlene Tedeschi

A life long commitment to Nature, its continuance, and its preservation. Becoming a member of the Wildlife Council will strengthen this mission.

Marlene Tedeschi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French, Spanish, and English, and a Master's degree in Education, with a concentration in counseling. She has taught high school students, wrote an advice column for Scholastic Magazine, served 10 years as Deputy Mayor of her home town, and created a corporate business called Merlin Arts. She is a dedicated runner, birdwatcher, and all round nature lover, as well as co-chair of the Speaker's Committee at the Cornell Club in New York City.