Jihad’s “White Gold”

According to the DC-based Stimson Center, ~60,000 African elephants and ~1,650 African rhinos [both species] were poached in 2012 and 2013. In just Kenya alone, the number of…

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Mercy Kill of a Javan Rhino

In 1914, the last Javan rhinoceros of Preanger (West Java, Indonesia) roamed his lonely forests peacefully munching on leaves, grass, and branches found almost exclusively in…

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Mission: Javan Rhino

Next to bringing back the dead, stopping the near gone from slipping off the precipice is a near impossible task.

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Leonardo DiCaprio: A Champion for Wildlife

While some celebrities REQUIRE payment to come to charity events, including those that raise funds for animals, Leonardo DiCaprio DONATES to charities.

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Oliver Tolentino: Hollywood’s Go-To Eco-Fashion Designer

Elephantasia, an eco-fashion show benefiting African elephants, is rocking the runway at the Central Park Zoo on Friday, May 30th.

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96 Elephants Died Today…96 Will Die Tomorrow… And 96 More Will Follow…

Every day 96 elephants are slaughtered in Africa for their ivory tusks.

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Challenge to Protect the Last Black Rhinos

The Western Black Rhino, a subspecies of the black rhino, was declared extinct.

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Environmental Fashion Show Kicks of NY Fashion Week THIS Wed!!!

You are INVITED, Wild Ones, to the fashion event of the summer!

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Gabby Wild “Speaks” Crow

As though she were a mother bird, Gabby "squawks" to an orphaned crow fledgling so that it gapes open to accept food.

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Is #ANIMAL #ABUSE a Powerful Predictor of #Sexual Assault?

In our third and final interview of the incredible Dr. Lila Miller, VP of the National Veterinary Outreach Department at the ASPCA, we are bringing to you the petrifying facts…

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