Yes, indeed, we are surrounded by the latest “fad”, but it’s about time that this one came about! Environmentalism/going green/being eco-friendly/tree-hugging/preservationistic/ conservationististic, etc isn’t just about the trend, it’s about how that trend will affect YOU!

For pessimistic starters: beware of those who try to take advantage of the situation and overcharge items and services in the name of it being “green”. Yes, indeed, some services will be more expensive. Take, for example toxic-free dyed clothing and  some biodegradable products, but, in general, the input cost to create a product such as a 3″x10″ beeswax candle shouldn’t yield a product worth $100.00. If so, please don’t buy it. Something like that should be $25.00 tops!!!

But on a lighter view, going green is not only awesome for the environment for more reasons that I can possibly blog about, but also for reasons involved in keeping your wallet nice and plump (of course, to then reinvest in saving the animals). Being that I personally believe we will do an act if it provides a positive reward for us, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, I feel a great way to encourage being green is to show you tips on how it can help your wallet. So, yes, being “good” can really pay off!

Thus depending on the time of year, holiday, or mood that I am in, I will share these little secrets and even recommend some “green” products to help keep you green while keep the green in your back pocket. Email me or comment on these “Chlorophyll Copying to Go Green” blogs if you have questions or suggestions.

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild