Where do I begin talking about the fashion sense of doggie couture? Canine fashion ranges from simple bows to be-dazzled headpieces, rustic bandanas to diamond collars, from natural paw-breaking-the-pavement to ballet slippers, from raincoats to winter shearling coats. Your dog and his/her fashion can shape the way in which people perceive you- Paris Hilton and her chihuahua, Tinkerbell, coming to mind.

Lap of Luxury features internationally acclaimed dog couture from designers such as Paris Hilton, Little Lilly, For Pets Only, Paris Erotica, and PinkGold, amongst quite a few others.[slideshow]

Be careful, though! Don’t overheat your animals! Their hair keeps them warm enough. Additional clothing can overheat them. You can easily detect overheating if you see increased panting, lethargy, increased drinking, and even sweaty paw prints. Dogs sweat through their paws!

Don’t restrict your animal’s movement! Purporting your fashion interests across your pet shouldn’t result in a fashionable straight jacket for your pet.

Check out this link to see how to properly fit your animals: http://www.dogsjustknow.com/howtosize.php