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While some celebrities REQUIRE payment to come to charity events, including those that raise funds for animals, Leonardo DiCaprio DONATES to charities. In fact, only last year, Mr. DiCaprio donated $3 MILLION in 2014 to Oceana to help curb marine habitat destruction and protection of species, especially sharks. The grant is being dispersed over the next three year to also advocate for more sustainable fashing practices, such as banning California drift gill-nets that often catch harmless creatures, namely turtles, dolphins, sharks, and whales.

And in 2013 he donated $3 million to World Wildlife Fund for the protection of tigers in Nepal.

If this man doesn’t inspire you just by his goodness, then heavens knows who will! But this isn’t all that Mr. DiCaprio has done…

He works fastidiously thru his own foundation, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, to also protect species in Sumatra, which is the only island with its own subspecies of elephant, orangutan, rhino, and tiger. Thru the protection of a remote, richly biodiverse forest called “30 Hills”, he plans to not only protect this forest from destruction (mainly due to mowing down the forest for palm oil) but to also protect the two ancient tribes of people living there.

His work to protect these and other rainforest ecosystems include work with: WWF, Frankfort Zoological Society, the Australian Orangutan Project, Kehati and Eyes on the Forest

His other current work focuses on Antarctic Oceans, where 10,000 species reside or migrate thru, has been accomplished by partnering with the Antarctic Ocean Alliance.

He was also instrumental in helping President Obama receive support in banning the de-finning of shark fins before sharks are brought to market. He has further instigated complete abolition of shark fin (commonly used in soup) consumption in New York State which begins in July 2014.

Mr. DiCaprio’s new plight seem to be advocacy against the ivory trade for elephants. Perhaps he will contact me to collaborate on African elephant conservation? (wild@gabbywild, by the way, Mr. DiCaprio).

He recently teamed up with Edward Norton and Mark Hoppus of the band Blink182 to create a Twitter tornado spreading awareness against the poaching of rhinoceros and elephants. Together this effort assisted the Zoological Society of London to win the Google Global Impact award that provided them with $500,000 to install motion-sensored cameras in South Africa to better detect and catch poachers in the act.

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He serves as a board member to World Wildlife Fund, The Natural Resources Defense Council, International Fund for Animal Welfare and Global Green USA. And unlike board members that simply sit there and file their fingernails, her clearly is making a tremendous difference by going out and publicly advocating for better change.

This man has done far more than I am merely describing. But hopefully this taste gives you an idea of what a true wildlife champion he is.

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild