Donegal, Ireland

The morning started in a downpour of rain, but the clouds cried out their tears, became dreadfully bored, and then moved over to let shine through the sun on the magnificent Irish countryside. Voodoo impatiently pawed at the ground when he saw me arriving this morning to continue on the adventure. After being saddled up to continue onwards with his wish, we did just that! Today was by far the most scenic and marvelous of all. The road traveled away from Errarooey was a one-wayer for the cars. Eventually the road diverged into an off-beaten grassy path across the mountains that was free of cars and quiet beyond compare, except for the hoofbeats, of course.

We gently passaged over mountains enjoying the lush greenness of the world dotted and lined with sheep, cows, and stone fences- even though Voodoo again gawked at the sheep thinking they were “ugly horses”. Gentle showers trickled as we crossed a narrow stream and relented as we began nearing the steepest part of the mountains.

Strong “as an ox”, Voodoo carried me with great might to the top of the mountain giving me a gander at both Errarooey Beach as well as Tra Mor Beach. From the apex, I could even see Torrey Island with its small village of white houses lining the coast. By the time we reached the lushest areas of the mountains, the sun glinted sapphires as the waves crashed on the white sand. The mix of mountains, beach, and greenery was more than I could tolerate and not let tears of sheer amazement at the beauty of our earth slide down my face. In fact, I’m shocked to know that I even descended the mountain. Perhaps I only descended to get down on that most coveted Tra Mor Beach that I had been staring at?

In order to get down there, though, Voodoo and I had to traverse a very steep slope covered in rabbit holes! It doesn’t sound dangerous, but one wrong step and Voodoo could fall into a hole, break his leg, and send me flying. Although I tried to be his eyes by looking ahead of his footing, I knew better to trust him for the majority of the way down. Around and about we slowly and cautiously dodged these rabbit holes and finally made safely down into the sand dunes that cushioned the beach.

Like a fanfare, the waves crashed upon the white shore, and my heart melted at the site of such a beautiful harbor. The rocks jutted out from the edges, ready for shells, moss, seaweed to decorate it. After letting the perfection soak into my eyes, my little lovebug, who was truly enjoying the romantic view with me, knew exactly what I was thinking: let’s gallop across it!

So with the wind knotting the loose hair that had come out of my “Lara Croft” braid (as everyone had been calling it), Voodoo and I soared across the sands and uphill through one of the largest protected sand dunes in Europe back to the stables.

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild