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My mission is to promote animal rights, welfare, and wildlife conservation. So while it is all fine and dandy to be horseback riding across Ireland, it is imperative to ensure that you know that this adventure is to raise funds and awareness for The American Horse Heritage Fund (AHHF), a active campaign of The Humane Society of the United States. In a nutshell, this fund is serving as the engine of a Humane Society’s version of an M1 Abrams Main Battle tank that hopes to crush equine cruelty and slaughter throughout the United States.

The projects receiving the greatest attention are to protect Tennessee Walking Horses from soring, to advocate for new horse protection laws and greater enforcement of existing ones, and to offer aid to the horse rescue community by rescuing horses in need.

It’s with horses that we can help horses. Thus I am riding well cared for agile horses in this fundraiser adventure that I am titling “Luck of the Horseshoe”. As you enjoy and have been enjoying the vicarious thrill of my “prancing about on ponies”, remember that the mission is greater than the enjoyment. In future articles I’ll be writing about the various issues that together we are helping the Humane Society’s Equine Division combat. And, of course, every day, you’ll hear about the journey experienced that day.

Wish me some Irish luck!

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild