Recent combustion may be rumbling the political scene of Libya, but should that affect its animals? Scarily it is happening in a most alarming way: starving and dehydrating their wild animals at the Tripoli Zoo. 

Since I saw this video, I have been wondering precisely what can be done for these animals and have reached out to other activists to see what we can do. The truth is that little to nothing can be done at the moment due to the political/military conflict of the country.

As you all know, I’m not one to just armwave, but still the public (we) should be fully aware of the ramifications that accompany “human issues”. Many of these poor creatures did not seek/want life-entrapment in a cage. The least we can do it make that life comfortable for them! (I’ll talk about different perspectives of zoos another time).

Check out this CNN video and be prepared to be shocked- especially for the hippos!
Stay WILD!!!!

Gabby Wild