There are a plethora of extraordinary charities across the world making it a rather daunting task to decide “who do I donate to?” I suppose the first step to making the epic decision of putting your hard-earned cash into positive selfless use is to determine which cause speaks the most to you. Once you’re there, see who actually implements the change you want. Is that charity really putting your money where you want it to go or are they putting it into something else, such as very high paid staff or too much marketing? But what about The Gabby Wild Foundation, Inc.? How do we run? 

Every charity has expenses. There is no way to avoid those, but there is an ethical way in which one can pay those expenses. For all non-animal related items (such as monthly paypal, legal fees, IRS fees, etc.) all costs are covered through sponsors, but ALL PUBLIC DONATIONS go to the animals!

If you want to save the purple frog, by golly every dollar you give to the purple frog is going to the purple frog! It is not going towards paying our incredible web designer. It is not going towards the purchase of more hemp totebags. It’s not going towards making business cards. It is going to the animal of your choice! Right at this moment, we are saving 12 threatened wild animals. You can choose to save one or save them all (with the funds then being divided 12 ways).

So what does it mean, though, that you’re money would be going to directly saving a specific animal? Here’s how it works:

1) Different accredited research groups, charities, causes, NGO’s, etc. submit their missions to me asking for help. Once, I approve of them, I help!

2) 9/12 animals we are saving have sustainable projects conducted by the Zoological Society of London’s EDGE of Existence Programme (UK). The Kakapo Parrot is being saved by Kakapo Recovery (New Zealand). The red wolf is being saved with Red Wolf Coalition (US), and the blue morpho butterfly is being protected by Ya’axche Conservation Trust (Belize).

–> This gives us plenty to work with for the entire year: one per month!

3) Then we beg for donations and do as heavy of a media campaign as we can! Who is the media marketer? You guessed it: Gabby (moi). It’s not a one-woman band, though. I have amazing volunteers in the charity that always lend a hand, plan fundraisers, and even write and submit press releases. This summer, for example, we have 14 interns working in PR alone!

–> And may I applaud our PR girls by saying that we made it into the Huffington Post last week:

4) At the end of the campaign, we give all your donations to the animals.

None of this actually answers the title of this post. So really where do your donations for the animals go? Once you’ve made that amazing decision to save one or all of the animals in the GWild Foundation, here is where your donation goes, broken down for each animal:

If you’d like to save an animal from extinction, I’d be so grateful (and so would that species). Here’s the link to do it:
Stay Wild,
Gabby Wild