Jeff Kremer & Gabby Wild before entering the haven

It was Jeff that welcomed me so kindly to the Big Cat Rescue centre. Without him, all my BCR posts could not be! Jeff introduced me to the cats individually at length (no hand-paw shaking, of course). In detail he shared with me their stories, the donor appreciation engraved plaques, and the history of the centre. He filled me with even greater desire to excite the public about wild cat rescue so that we could better promote their conservation. Hopefully I’ve been pumping you guys up, too!

For those of you who do not particularly know everyone from BCR, who is Jeff? Jeff is a super-sonic, gold-hearted, 1/8 full-time and highly accredited employee at the Big Cat Rescue. He specifically is in charge of donor appreciation, but it’s evident from his record he is more than just that. And each and everyone of you are more than just “that” (or whatever it is that you think defines “you”) by the fact that you care, as Jeff cares, for such creatures. But why is Jeff really so special?

1) He loves these cats, and by love, I mean LOVE. I’m referring to that feeling one gets when one looks into the softness of a rainbow and feels hope, beauty, and nature bursting silently from it.

It’s clear that Jeff would do anything for these cats.

2) His energy is calming. When Jeff took me on a tour of BCR, he talked about these cats as dear friends, and they could feel that Jeff respected them. Respect is key in our animal kingdom. You should always be fearful of a beast, such as a tiger, and those who claim to have no fear are either a) unaware of their fear; b) are fibbing, or c) are foolish and may meet a terrible fate if they’re not careful. Yet unlike most, Jeff collects his trepidation and turns it into respect. The cats clearly know this. And how do I know what the cats know? Same way I can when a human is silent: I can see it in their eyes.

3) Dedicated. He’s worked with cats for quite a while. For four years, Jeff was at the “Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo”. Prior to this, Jeff worked in Nasa’s Honeywell Space Systems’ Communications/Publications department for 21 years! Big Cat Rescue now gets to claim him as their asset, and it’s clear how much of a help he has been.

4) His contract! Part of his contract is to take care of a domestic, adopted cat, and he does so with gusto! Could there be any job better than this if you are contracted to take care of an animal?!

The attributes of this strong cat-activist are endless. He is a role model that many of us wish to follow, living out his dream by doing goodness and being surrounded by animals that he loves and people who love him back for it.

Disney’s “African Cats” is in theatres now! Go see this beautiful film! This poster was a gift from Big Cat Rescue to me, Gabby Wild, in appreciation for my work for the animals.

As I said in a previous post, you can always go to Big Cat Rescue to volunteer your time and really get to know the animals. Originally, Jeff did just that. For three years he was a volunteer, but for the past two years, he has been a full-fledged employee of the haven. Who knows what just a small but significant experience like this could do for/to you, too?

Jeff, I can’t thank you enough for what you do! In fact, on behalf of all my followers, I wildly thank you!

Stay Wild,

Gabby Wild