Jihad’s “White Gold”

According to the DC-based Stimson Center, ~60,000 African elephants and ~1,650 African rhinos [both species] were poached in 2012 and 2013. In just Kenya alone, the number of black rhinos fell from ~20,000 in the 1970s to ~650 today.

Mercy Kill of a Javan Rhino

In 1914, the last Javan rhinoceros of Preanger (West Java, Indonesia) roamed his lonely forests peacefully munching on leaves, grass, and branches found almost exclusively in Indonesia.

Mission: Javan Rhino

Next to bringing back the dead, stopping the near gone from slipping off the precipice is a near impossible task.

Leonardo DiCaprio: A Champion for Wildlife

While some celebrities REQUIRE payment to come to charity events, including those that raise funds for animals, Leonardo DiCaprio DONATES to charities.

Oliver Tolentino: Hollywood’s Go-To Eco-Fashion Designer

Elephantasia, an eco-fashion show benefiting African elephants, is rocking the runway at the Central Park Zoo on Friday, May 30th.

96 Elephants Died Today…96 Will Die Tomorrow… And 96 More Will Follow…

Every day 96 elephants are slaughtered in Africa for their ivory tusks.

Challenge to Protect the Last Black Rhinos

The Western Black Rhino, a subspecies of the black rhino, was declared extinct.

Environmental Fashion Show Kicks of NY Fashion Week THIS Wed!!!

You are INVITED, Wild Ones, to the fashion event of the summer!

Gabby Wild “Speaks” Crow

As though she were a mother bird, Gabby "squawks" to an orphaned crow fledgling so that it gapes open to accept food.

Is #ANIMAL #ABUSE a Powerful Predictor of #Sexual Assault?

In our third and final interview of the incredible Dr. Lila Miller, VP of the National Veterinary Outreach Department at the ASPCA, we are bringing to you the petrifying facts about how animal abuse is directly related to humans and the home environment.


In our last blog post brought to you through an interview with veterinarian and Vice President of the National Outreach Department of the ASPCA, Lila Miller, we discussed the meaning of animal abuse.

The ASPCA Tells of Horrific Truths About #ANIMAL ABUSE

We are extremely lucky in this blog post to hear from the remarkable woman, Dr. Lila Miller, who set many of the standards for shelter medicine and catapulted animal cruelty reforms in the United States.

Is Hunting a Blessing or a Curse?: An Interview with Dr. Paul Curtis, Extension Wildlife Specialist

In today's blog post we are privileged to receive an expert perspective of hunting/wildlife management in the United States by Dr. Paul Curtis, Department Extension Leader and Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University based in Ithaca, NY

Wacky Wednesday: What’s a Marsupial Part I?

Being a placental mammal, I personally find the notion of giving birth to an undeveloped young that then climbs into a pouch of the mother for a certain time after its "birth" rather incredible and completely wacky!

Factoids About the Critically Endangered Red Wolf

Learn more about the last ~100 wild red wolves that roam only 5 counties of North Carolina and how they are related to Pocahontas and Captain John Smith!

Elephant Behavior

Perhaps one of the reasons why people seem to be so enamored by elephants is not only due to their sheer size, inspiring the coinage of the word “elephantine”, but also they possess bonds and behaviors that almost seem to resemble our own human values.

A Bit About Elephants

As many of you who religiously follow this blog know, the inspiration behind all that I do now for wildlife, other than my 4-year-old incandescent introduction to The Lion King, is due to a baby elephant who touched my heart.

The Tragedy of Tigers

97% of all wild tigers have disappeared in the blink of 1 century. 100 years. That’s all it took to take down one of the most ferocious creatures on land.

Which sustainable and animal-inspired outfit is your favorite from “12 in 12 for 12”?

Each of these outfits are made by 100% sustainable materials, and each represents a threatened animal in great need of conservation!


Fabulous article by Wildlife. This is a particularly disturbing fact knowing that 1/8th of all bird species are at risk of extinction.

A Most Unique Parrot: the Kakapo

Long ago, the newborn world was exclusively filled with secrets begging to be understood. Little by little the mysteries of the natural world began to be solved.

What’s a Kakapo?

It's only the largest and heaviest parrot in the world!

Where Do Your Donations for the Animals Go?

There are a plethora of extraordinary charities across the world making it a rather daunting task to decide "who do I donate to?"

Save the Red Panda!

As many of you know, for the entire month of June Andy South, The Zoological Society of London's EDGE of Existence Programme, and myself worked together to raise awareness and funds for the beautiful red panda who lives in the threatened so-called "lungs of Asia".

Threatened By Association

Throughout the month of July, I along with the incredible assistance of Ya'axche Conservation Trust and Project Runway Season 7 winner, Seth Aaron have been protecting the Blue Morpho butterfly (Morpho peleides).

The Amphibian Truth

Many science fiction novels commence with a statement articulating that our placid planet is changing, and if there were one little class of creatures that prove this seemingly impossible scenario true it would be the acclaimed climate-indicators: the amphibians.

The Endangered Ganges River Dolphin

The Bible states (Leviticus 19:14): "You shall not curse the deaf nor place a stumbling block before the blind." Does this commandment to the Jewish people apply only to humans or could it also be transferred upon other creatures?

Save the Chinese Giant Salamander!

For the entire month of May I have been dressed as an amphibian-like gothic fembot that represents the Chinese giant salamander in an effort to raise awareness and funds to prevent its extinction.

Saving the purple frog from extinction with eco-fashion

Learn about this incredible creature that is believed to be ~130 million years old.

Wacky Wednesday: The Capybara

Once called called "water pigs" or "Orinoco hogs" by the first European naturalists visiting South America, the capybara is neither a pig nor a fully aquatic animal.

Bactrian Camel Info Video

For the entire month of February I will be saving the Bactrian camel by sporting a pantsuit for the ENTIRE MONTH designed by Cornell Fashion Design Students, Laura Zwanziger (freshman) and Max Gengos (a recent graduate).

Wacky Wednesday: The Phalangerids

Phalangerids are a family of marsupials from Australia & New Guinea and include species such as brushtail possums and cuscuses.

Wacky Wednesday: The Amur Leopard

This Wacky Wednesday special features the Amur leopard, of which ONLY between 35-50 are estimated to remain in the wild.

Intro to Raptors, Birds of Prey: Part III

In this final installment of the Raptor series, Gabby Wild meets and learns the back-stories of some of the birds living at the Cornell Raptor Barn.

Intro to Raptor Part II: Cornell’s Raptor Program

In this second installment about carnivorous birds, Gabby Wild talks to Nate Williams, a student who works with these amazing birds at the Cornell Raptor Barn.

Copying Chlorophyll to Go Green: Reduce Heat Energy Waste!

How do you keep a hot house during the shivery winter while trying to cut down on bills and still trying to be fair to Mother Earth?

Chlorophyll Copying to Go Green

Yes, indeed, we are surrounded by the latest "fad", but it's about time that this one came about!

Intro to Raptors, Birds of Prey: Part I

The first in a special three episode series! Join Gabby Wild as she visits the Cornell Raptor Barn and talks about the different types and features of raptors.

Wacky Wednesday: The Echidna

There are mainly 2 genera of this most unusual creature with spines protruding from its body and fur mixed in between: the short-beaked echidna and the long-beaked echidna.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

For all of ye cat lovers, you most likely have heard of TNR, a practice whereby individuals humanely trap feral cats, spay/neuter them, test them for infectious diseases (i.e. FIV, rabies, feline panleukopenia, herpes, calicivirus, and feline leukemia virus), vaccinate them, and then release them back to where they were found.

Special Thank You to Lap of Luxury

I wish to extend a warm "thank you" to the Lap of Luxury, a unique doggie-spa and pup-fashion boutique in Boca Raton, Florida.

The Humane Society of Schuyler County

Let's face it: the Humane Society is one of the premier, most influential animal rights/welfare, and adoption organizations in the country, with hundreds of affiliations across the United States.

Wacky Wednesday: The Armadillo

Due to their protective carapace, the armadillo once was thought to be part of the group of vertebrates associated with turtles!

www.gabbywild.com is up!!!!!

If you want to learn and see more of the GWild adventures, check out the newly launched website: www.gabby wild.com!

Big Cat Rescue YouTube Video

Enjoy this short but important clip! Spread the message!

Calling All Entries for Rescue Animal Stories!

Do you have or had a pet (domestic species) that was rescued from a shelter or terrible environment? If so, tell me about it! I'm taking short story entries for such tales of its rescue.


Horse riding enthusiasts know quite well that a bridle is that piece of equipment that is used to a direct your horse with your hands.

Tripoli Zoo’s Forgotten Animals!

Recent combustion may be rumbling the political scene of Libya, but should that affect its animals?

What’s Your Favorite Big Kitty?

So as you may or may not know, big cats are clumped into this nebulous category of "big cats" mainly due to the fact that they are, well, bigger than other cats (domestic or wild), are apex predators, and can roar- except for the Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, Cheetah, and Puma (aka Cougar).

Wacky Wednesday: The Aardvark

The "earthpig", which is the Afrikaans translation for "aardvark", is the last extant member of the order Tubulidentata.

Facebook Page!

Just wanted to let you all know that I have officially created a Gabby Wild FB Page!

Distance Ridden Across Ireland!

Bum squished, legs brilliantly sore, and heart and spirit lighter than a feather, I rode across Donegal and Dingle, Ireland and had the time of my life sharing the adventure with you all while spreading awareness for horse abuse in the US.

Elaine Waters: Story of a Saddler in the British Army

Part of the fun along these adventures comes from the unexpected people I meet.

Soring: Horse Cruelty at its Height

As posted before, soring is an abusive torture done to horses by mutilating their hooves and legs resulting them to perform with an exaggerated gait.

Rain, Rain Go Away? Nah, I’ll Take It As It Comes ;-)

For two solid days everything from my socks to my “nickers” to my helmet were drenched, making the experience of horse riding in Ireland all the more authentic and endearing.

Soring: What It Means to a Horse

The “big lick” movement desired in Tennessee Walking Horses itself deserves a “licking”, and perhaps we can help the Humane Society of the United States with its effort to give it one.

Delicious Day at Dingle

As I sum up my incredible journey from today to you, know that not a single mountain that surrounds me can be viewed, as the world is covered in a thick layer of vanilla-marshmallow frosting.

Purpose of “Luck of the Horseshoe” Horseback Ride Across Ireland

My mission is to promote animal rights, welfare, and wildlife conservation. So while it is all fine and dandy to be horseback riding across Ireland, it is imperative to ensure that you know that this adventure is to raise funds and awareness for The American Horse Heritage Fund (AHHF), a active campaign of The Humane Society of the United States.

Last Day in Donegal =(…

Yesterday as I watched the tide come in and out with its rise and fall, I couldn't help but feel awe-inspired and terribly sad all at the same time.

Luck of the Horseshoe: Donegal Day 5

Yesterday Voodoo and I really needed to take a break. Although we didn't go on any trails through the country, I began itching for anything horsy.

Luck of the Horseshoe: Donegal Day 3

The morning started in a downpour of rain, but the clouds cried out their tears, became dreadfully bored, and then moved over to let shine through the sun on the magnificent Irish countryside.

Luck of the Horseshoe: Day 2 in Donegal

Today was 6 hours of peaceful bliss that resonated the clippity clop of horses on sand, cobblestone, marsh, and grass.

Luck of the Horseshoe: The First Ride

Today I stumbled into a fairytale. The earth was lush with emerald green grass, and dew coated the blades and flower petals. The air was cool and the sea beyond was quiet.

The Irish Adventure Begins!

I'm at it again! But this time it's Ireland, and I'm cross-country horseback riding it to raise funds for the Equine Division of the Humane Society of the United States.

Wacky Wednesday: The Platypus

I consider this Wacky Wednesday "special" to be the original hodgepodge critter of the animal kingdom.

Wacky Wednesday: Aye-aye

If you think you have problemmes, then you need to walk a day in the bizarre skin of the aye-aye. Firstly, it is the last living member of its Linnaean family.

Stripes with a Mane

Although they may be beautiful, unique, and  captivating, these striped and maned creatures are testimony to the cruelty of human involvement in taking creatures from their natural habitat.

Wacky Wednesday: The Naked Mole Rat

Two species of mole rat (the naked and the Damara) are the insects of the mammal class. Its their social colony structure that makes them "insectlike". To delve a little bit more into the characters of the mole rat colony:

Wacky Wednesday: Anubis, The Egyptian God of the Dead

The Old Kingdom of Egypt's most important god of the dead was Anubis, a jackal-headed creature that served as the arbitrator of souls and keeper of all the dead.

Blind and Bareback

"The horse is a metaphor for life," says natural horseman Skip Bertuzzi, a man whose been on the back of a horse since he was a kid.

Wacky Wednesday: Colugos

Also known as "flying lemurs", Colugos are part of the order Dermoptera or "skinwings", which includes only one other existing family of animals.

Wacky Wednesday: Cat of the Desert

It's known as the "Sand Cat", "Sand Dune Cat", or more formally as Felis margarita, which makes perfect sense to me, being that one may want a margarita after surviving such harsh desert conditions.

Chloe Dolandis: A Voice for the Animals-Literally

Have you ever caught a star just before it peaked in the sky?

From Scotland to Africa: The Wildcat

The pretty little kitties that people calmly have purring on their laps come from wild little beasts that still exist today.

Splash of Dog Luxury Video

Get a closer look at Gabby Wild interview done of Jonathan David, the world-famous dog groomer and animal planet celebrity!

Summer Rayne Oakes: An Environmental and Fashion Icon

In most of these posts a similar theme has reverberated across these pixels on your screen: animals are suffering usually due to human involvement.

Euthanization Every 8 Seconds!

Yes, it's true. In the USA, about every 8 seconds a cat or a dog is put to sleep. ~8 million pets are brought into shelters each year, and only half make it out alive.

Why Jeff Kremer from Big Cat Rescue is Amazing

It was Jeff that welcomed me so kindly to the Big Cat Rescue centre. Without him, all my BCR posts could not be! Jeff introduced me to the cats individually at length (no hand-paw shaking, of course).

Wacky Wednesday: The Red Panda

It's the only one of its kind. Literally. The red panda is not part of the bear family and is not a strange variant to the giant panda.

Unlikely Friends

They never should have met- at least in the wild, they never could have met. One is predominantly from Africa and the other from Asia.

Hippity Hop: A Tribute to Easter

For some this may come as a shock, but rabbits are a completely different species from hares!

Wacky Wednesday: The Serval

Jumping from the Americas to Africa, we bring you the serval, a medium-sized cat weighing between 15-49 lb and standing between 52-66 cm tall, depending on the sex.

Maggie the Mustang

The “Dwarf Leopard”

Also known as the dwarf leopard, the ocelot is one of ten "small cats". The in-crowd of small cats consists of a posse of 1) the ocelot; 2)  the Tiger cat; 3) the Jaguarundi; 4) the European wildcat; 5) the African wildcat; 6) the Black-footed cat; 7) the Sandcat; 8 ) the Jungle cat; 9) the Leopard cat; and last but certainly not least, 10) the Asiatic golden cat.

Baby Elephant Video!

Gabby did not know what to expect when she ventured to Thailand to work with elephants. What she found was a baby with a tremendous story that left a permanent imprint on Gabby's heart.

Love of a Prince

Not many know truly what turned Gabby "wild". I have always been obsessive with all animals since I was a child, but there was one creature who did it to me.

The Most Secretive Wild Cat

They're sleek, but not as sleek as the cheetah, and they're strong, but not as strong as the lion.

Operant Conditioning

Have you ever noticed that if you give a puppy who happens to be sitting under your dinner table a scrap from your plate, he is more likely to come under the table more often in hopes of getting another scrumptious delight?

Wacky Wednesday: The Genet

It looks like a cat, it's carnivorous like a cat, but it is definitely not a cat.

The Truth About Big Cat Rescue

Often we learn best through our mistakes. Whatever may have led you to that mistake was a journey leading to a bump.

Tell Me Your Personal Experiences With the Exotic Animal Trade

Do you own, know someone who owns, or have seen or heard stories of exotic pet ownership? What have you heard about owning exotics?

Electrocution In Exchange For Her Fur

Being grossly judgmental has led to many of the biases and even prejudices in today's society, but being quiet about actions that appear inherently wrong according to the ethics you were imbued with should also not happen- here's your chance to speak out!

The New Drug Dealer “Guard Dog”

As implied in the 1st blog about Big Cat Rescue, a few of the stories I wish to share with you will and should make you sad, some more than others.

The Binturong: Our Wacky Wednesday Special Brought to You by Big Cat Rescue

As I was walking through the beautiful sanctuary of Big Cat Rescue, I chanced upon one of the most unusual looking creatures I had ever seen. Was it a cat? Was it in the bear family? I just couldn't make it out, and apparantly most others couldn't either, hence its nickname the Bearcat.

Big Cat Rescue

Exotic animals from kangaroos to kinkajous are sold as easily as online underwear through web-based "pet-stores", internet "marketplaces", and classified ads, generating a revenue of $2 BILLION each year in the US and $20 BILLION worldwide- making revenues second only to the illegal drug and gun trade.

Cats vs Dogs? Poll

Polldaddy Poll

Doggie Couture at Lap of Luxury

Where do I begin talking about the fashion sense of doggie couture?

Jonathan David, an icon who sculpts dog icons

What do you think of when you hear the word "poodle"?

Gabby Wild with her half-sister, Chiquita, at Lap of Luxury

Chiquita is my mother’s baby- a long-haired, sable-coloured chihuahua.

Sitting in the “Lap of Luxury”

In this excerpt, which, depending on your perspective, is a little more domesticated than our African safari.

Cleopatra’s Favourite Pet

Able to obtain speeds of 60 mph within 3 seconds, the cheetah is the fastest animal on land. Their body is built for ultimate athletic agility: thin legs, deep, slender chest, small, arched skull, and narrow build.

Prrrr, prrrr…

When you think of a cat, do you simply think of the typical house cat playing in the corner with a ball of yarn, or do you think of a ferocious 530 lb lion going in for the kill? By any chance do you think of a hyena?

Gabby Wild’s Tale of Vet School Acceptance- and trust me: it’s Wild!

This whole “Gabby Wild” thing started when I was four. While I may not have called myself “Gabby Wild”, the passion began after watching The Lion King.

It’s a dik-dik, my “deer”

Imagine: your Range Rover put puts across the African savannah in search of some of the most ferocious creatures on land.

Cattle Overgrazing in Kenya

The cattle I was referring to that are encroaching on the wildlife land and causing for severe overgrazing in regions they occupy.

Stars and Stripes

In January I was in Kenya! “What was it like?” friends and family asked me.

Gabby Wild Welcome!

If you could have any superpower what would it be?” According to dailypress.com, most people would say that they want to fly, to predict the future, to have superstrength, or to have elasticity.