The Eco-Fashionista

Gabby & Bu for Fashion Revolution Campaign

Fusing green fashion with conservation medicine to raise awareness for endangered species and reconstruct a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

Metamorphosis Campaign for Conservation International with Fashion and Makeup by Brian Sipe (Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist) & Jennifer Aspinall (Emmy Award Winner); photography by Robin Moore (National Geographic Photographer)
African Elephant Conservation Campaign

Advocate of fair and ethical fashion production for workers.

Red Panda by Andy South. Photo by Edward Colelli.

Iconic model of sustainable fashion.

Silk produced by Southeast Asian women protected from sex slave trade. Photo by Violetta Markelou
Blue Morpho Butterfly Dress by Seth Aaron Henderson. Photo by Edward Colelli.
Elephant Outfit by Mila Hermanovski. Photo by Ken Kawamoto.

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