To implement veterinary medicine, conservation methodologies, and educational campaigns in protection of the world’s most endangered animals. We bring a paradigm shift: Even Mother Nature has a Doctor.

The Gabby Wild Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3) has a
4-Pronged Approach to Extinction Diversion...


Our Tree Nursery

We're Rebuilding the Sumatran Rainforest


24/7 Bum-Kicking Eco-Guards

We Monitor for Poachers & Set Camera Traps for Animal Surveillance

Gabby In-The-Field with Marcel, ALeRT’s Director.
Gabby’s handconstructed, nail-free, “cocoon” treehouse in Sumatra. Multiple treehouse access points established for our eco-guards to monitor for illegal logging, poaching, or forest fires 24/7.


Gabby Wild

Your On-Call Wildlife Veterinarian

ALeRT Base, Sumatra, Indonesia. Scattered throughout the rainforest in Way Kambas National Park are strategically placed camera traps to monitor for poachers and conduct population counts and behaviour studies of fauna like Sumatran rhino, elephant, tiger, Malayan tapir, Sunda clouded leopard, and Sunbear.
Gabby’s outdoor classes with children and elephants. Integrating local people and providing wildlife education programs for their children is essential to ensuring respect for these creatures and better environmental consciousness for future generations.


Conservation In Style

Bringing About Public Awareness, Getting You Involved, and Fundraising

Fashion Shows

Awareness Campaigns

Save the Animals. Save the World. Only You Can Make a Difference.


With 1/2 of the world’s amphibians at risk of extinction, something had to be done.

Together with Gabby, National Geographic photographer, Robin Moore, Conservation International, Academy Award-winning makeup artist, Brian Sipe, and Emmy Award-Winning Makeup Artist, Jennifer Aspinall transformed Gabby into a series of amphibians with special FX makeup and costume for this national contest-winning photography series.

12 in 12 for 12

12 Outfits in 12 Months for 12 Animals

Together with Project Runway fashion designers, Gabby wore one sustainably crafted outfit for an entire month representing the threatened animal of the month that she was saving.

The Wildlife Council

Meet the Board Members

Leonard M. Levie


Leonard M. Levie


Leonard is an avid naturalist with an acuity for business enterprise. He is Chairman & Founder of American Industrial Acquisition Corporation, the AIAC Foundation Inc., the Champlain Foundation Inc., and the Avara Charitable Foundation Inc. He is Chairman or Director of AIAC subsidiaries or affiliates, including Automated Machine & Technology, Arnprior Aerospace, Avara Pharmaceutical Services, BeLink Solutions, Bradford Space, Bradford-ECAPS, Canadian Kraft Paper Industries, Champlain Cable, Champlain Specialty Metals, Combi Wear Parts, Consolidated Industries, Craft Machine Works, D2A, Druckguss-Technik, Epalia, Eurofoil, Forte Micro, Feuerwehrbedarf, Gecoe, Gelec, Holophane, IP3 Plastics, Lenape Forged Products, Metallwarenfabrik Gemminger, Neotiss, Shriro Group, Stanz-Technik, Stromerzeugersysteme, SuperAlloy Manufacturing Solutions, Titanium Fabrication Corporation, Ti-Titanium, Umbilicals International, Union Metal Industries, Vital Engineered Components Company, & Vermont Aerospace Industries, & he is chairman of the AIAC-Koch Industries joint venture, Liquid Cooled Motors.

He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, the Association for Corporate Growth, and the Turnaround Management Association.

With a passion for exploration, history, & anthropology, he remains a member of the Naval War College Foundation, & Chairman of the Professor Howard S. Levie Chair on the Law of Armed Conflict Endowment Society. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, & Member of the Board of Trustees of the Explorers Club & the Forest Products Association of Canada. Member of the Jesup Legacy Circle of the American Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium. Member of the National Air & Space Museum Legacy Society & Honoree of the National Air & Space Museum Wall of Honor. Member of the National Space Society.

Mr. Levie staunchly supports educational enterprises, as evidenced by his numerous university appointments including Member of the Dean’s Council of the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, the Oliver Wendell Holmes Society of Harvard Law School, the John C. Whitehead Society of Harvard Business School, the Johns Hopkins Legacy Society, the Founding Grant Society of Stanford University, the 1861 Circle of MIT, the Legacy Society of the Institute for Advanced Study of Princeton University, Yale Legacy Partners, the 1209 Society of the University of Cambridge, the Phoenix Society of the University of Chicago, the Order of St. Thomas More of the University of Notre Dame, the Aspen Legacy Society of the Aspen Institute, the Laureate Circle of the Rockefeller University, the Wikipedia Legacy Society, & the President’s Associates of the University of Oklahoma.

Mr. Levie unwaveringly cherishes the sublimity of art as chairman of the D’Oyly Carte Foundation and Benefactor of the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival. He is also a member of the W. S. Gilbert Society and of the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society and is a well-regarded supporter of the Isaac Stern Society of Carnegie Hall, the Encore Society and the National Guild of the Metropolitan Opera of New York, and of Le Cercle Fides de l’Opera National de Paris. Additionally, he is a member of the William Society of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Buckingham Society of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Masterpiece Society of the Louvre Museum, the Henry Cole Circle of the Victoria & Albert Museum, the J. Paul Getty Founders Society of the J. Paul Getty Museum, the 1924 Society of the Morgan Library & Museum, the Guggenheim Society of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, the Legacy Circle of the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Irish Art Patron of the National Gallery of Ireland, and Patron of the Fred Jones Jr. Art Museum at OU.

Jennifer Aspinall


Jennifer Aspinall


Emmy Award and Hollywood Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist Guild Award Winner, Jennifer Aspinall currently co heads the Make-up Department for HBO’s hit show “Winning Time: The Rise of the Laker’s Dynasty”.

Jennifer began her career at the age of 12, working for dinner theaters in Philadelphia, PA. At 18, looking to expand her opportunities she moved to New York City. In 1996, Quincy Jones and Fox TV brought Jennifer to Los Angeles to head up the Make-up Dept for a then new show, Mad TV. She is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Jennifer’s creativity and ability to adapt has allowed her to work in many mediums within the make-up industry. Over her 50-year career, she has designed and executed make up and make up effects for Television, Film, Print and Theater.

Her experience spans decades and includes doing make up for everything from fashion billboards for Times Square, straight make up for folks like The Rolling Stones, to designing Broadway shows such as “Victor/Victoria” with Julie Andrews, to heading departments and designing make up effects for long running sketch shows such as Saturday Night Live and Mad tv, to creating character make ups for award winning performers Lilly James, Vanessa Redgrave, David Bowie, Alex Borstein, to doing creature make up effects for movies like “Star Trek”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Captain Marvel”.

Jennifer is a 2-time Emmy winner with 23 Emmy Nominations. She has 7 Hollywood Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist Guild Awards with 9 Nominations and an Ace Award Nomination. Jennifer has been featured in numerous magazines, including The Hollywood Reporter, Emmy Magazine, and Time, as well as make up centric Magazines like Fangoria and Make-up Artist Magazine. She has been recently featured in 2 books: The Leading Ladies of Make-up Effects and Monster Squad.

In addition to doing make up and make up effects, Ms. Aspinall enjoys creating with her companies Skin Saver Solutions and Human Vases.
In 2013, Jennifer teamed up with RDL International Inc., a medically based dermatological company, to create a new, revolutionary skin protection lotion, Skin Saver Barrier Lotion. Skin Saver Barrier Lotion has become an industry standard and can be found in make-up kits around the world.

Jennifer also travels the world with floral designer, Alison Franchi, creating Living Art instillations for their company Human Vases. The Human Vase is an original art concept in which a live model is adorned with layers of body paint, jewels, prosthetics, and a brilliant display of perfectly manipulated live flowers and organic materials. Their Human Vases have been seen on the red carpets of Hollywood, at celebrity birthday parties and events, and in the jungles of Indonesia and Africa.

Tanya G Burnett


Tanya G Burnett


Tanya is a Nikon professional photographer, a member of the Ocean Artist Society, a PADI instructor a TDI technical dive instructor and an experienced expedition leader with unbridled enthusiasm to share ocean experiences and help you create beautiful captures.

She has been an independent photo journalist and occasional field editor for over 15 years and has authored and co-authored over 100 articles that have graced the pages of American Photo, Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Islands, Coastal Living, Dive Training, Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, Caribbean Travel & Life, Alert Diver, Undersea Journal, books, newspapers, catalogs and CNN online.

She is a natural ocean ambassador, frequently donating her fine art photography for causes to help bring awareness to the oceans. She is on the community advisory board for The Wild Dolphin Project, where she has assisting by capturing critical images for the ongoing studies of the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in the Bahamas. In 2010, she was part of a WINGS World Quest expedition and in 2011 also has documented imagery of an expedition carry the Explorer’s Club Flag.

Jimmy Lam


Jimmy Lam


Jimmy received his Bachelors of Science at Cornell University in Nutrition. He then went on to complete his Medical Degree (MD) at Boston University and then began his residency training in dermatology at Mass General Hospital. Jimmy's passion for the sciences earned him the CDC Emerging Infectious Disease Training Fellowship and later was awarded as a Visiting Graduate Research Fellow at Weill Cornell Dermatology. Jimmy has had a sustained interest in wildlife since he was young. He lives an active healthy lifestyle and enjoys spending time in nature.

Meet the Staff